Open for picking Wednesday 31st Jan, from 8.30 am.

Still plenty of berries so come in before the wild weather hits later Wednesday and into Thursday.


A wee note about picking: the best berries are almost always in the middle of the bushes, where they have been missed and have grown plumper and sweeter. This is especially true for the twiggy Climax bushes, which are fruiting now, and also the heavily laden Tasty Blues, which are also being picked.


It is usually most efficient to thoroughly pick a few bushes, gently moving branches aside and getting down low and up high, compared to grazing along the outside of a lot of bushes.


Also, move further down the rows, as a lot of people start right where they enter through the gate and the bushes at the far end, which don't see many pickers, have more fruit and riper berries.



Vivienne and Jon.

A few things to note:

Welcome to the 2018-2019 blueberry season!!

A few things to note:

To read the latest picking information - click the home button just above this note. Some Internet searches bring up old posts and they can be confusing.

The berries are $14/ kg.

Cash sales only no EFTPOS.

Please bring your own picking containers if possible, ice cream containers are ideal as we know the weight, or you can use ours then we will put them into a plastic bag for you.

Children are very welcome - we love to have them around but please keep an eye on them because this is a farm and there are hazards.

We encourage you to sample the berries you are picking but please be reasonable.

With car parking, please be respectful of our neighbours if parking on the road and take great care coming and going onto Paton Rd.

The best time for picking is generally first thing in the morning.

Blueberry picking tips - go for the darkest ones! if you end up with a few pink ones in your container, that's ok - they will ripen up a little if not refrigerated straight away.

At the early stage of the season the berries are a bit here and there to pick but later you will be able to pick a few at a time. There's no getting away from the fact that they are small and will take a wee bit of time to pick so allow yourself some time.

We really hope you enjoy your time at Fuchsiadale Blueberries. Relax, forget the busyness, listen to the birds and enjoy your trip to the country!!

See you soon! Vivienne and Jon

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